Monday, May 03, 2010

So how do you like Addis?

Asnaqètch Wèrqu Éthiopiques 16: the Lady with the Krar
v/a Éthiopiques 5: Tigrigna Music

Another Ex concert, another couple of Éthiopiques CDs. The Lady with the Krar is one I have had my eye on for a while. It is way more traditional than the classic Ethio-Jazz and AA funk people may primarily associate with the Éthiopiques series. This one comes from the Azmari tradition of ribald minstrelry, though without being that obviously ribald. The krar is a stringed instrument, in case you were wondering, and Ms Asnaqètch sings while she plays it.

The Tigrigna music collection is of music from Tigre, the region of Ethiopia that abuts Eritrea. I think some of the music here is actually from places that are now in Eritrea, as Tigrigna* culture straddles the current border. Anyways, this is more like the usual Éthiopiques fare, albeit a bit provincial. I think, finally, that diminishing returns are setting in for me with this series, so perhaps it is time to move onto something else.

An inuit panda production

* I always thought that Tigre was the place and Tigrinya was the language and the adjective, but maybe I am wrong. I notice that MS Word does not recognise Tigrigna but does know Tigrinya.

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