Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cycling in Dublin

I have been trying to work out whether you are allowed cycle in the bus lane running south on the East side of Stephen's Green.

Cycling allowed
This picture suggests that you are.

Cycling allowed?
This picture suggests you are not.

Those two pictures are taken at either end of a short stretch of road. Truly it is a mysterious world in which we live.

In other cycling in Dublin news, compare the two pictures of Dame Street here. Between the 1960s and now, cyclists have been successfully cleared off the streets, even as most of Dame Street seems to have been demolished.


krady said...

AFAIK, you're not. It counts as a contraflow lane (even though it's cordoned off) and so you're not allowed us it.

Ray said...

Amusingly, I think you are, that the 'except buses' notice is directed at motorised transport and does not apply to bikes. The first sign specifically includes bikes.

Meghan said...

Drive a bus instead? Or ride a panda...

ian said...

Meghan wins.