Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Cops with coffee cups staring in a doorway; scattered books, puzzled cops, bloodied hand

Harker #4 & #5, by Roger Gibson and Vince Danks

OK, let's be honest here, this is not one of the great comics of our time, but I am enjoying it and will keep buying an issue a week of it until such time as Forbidden Planet throw away all the back issues. As you will recall, this is a cop comic about these two detectives investigating the murder of this guy who turns out to be heading a Black Magic coven. Maybe the murder is driven by some kind of rivalry with a fellow practitioner of the Dark Arts, or maybe he was just jazzing the wrong person too much at one of the group's rituals. Trundle trundle trundle.

I discovered on the interweb that the authors of this work are almost people I know, in the sense of being linked to people I actually know. Small world, though not so surprising once you register how small is the world of UK comics.

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