Saturday, January 09, 2010

Antler Boy Trophy

Jeff Lemire's Sweet Tooth #5, by Jeff Lemire

This transitional issue ends the first story. Sweet Tooth has been travelling across a blasted and apocalyptic landscape with the enigmatic Jeppard, with Jeppard ostensibly bringing the hybrid child to a place where he and his kind can live in safety. Jeppard is a troubled man, capable of terrifying acts of violence, but still with the sense that he is capable of goodness. But there was always an ambiguity about him, a suggestion that in heart there wass something of the night. In this issue we learn that he is a very bad man indeed. The twist here, if such it is, is not entirely unexpected, but the denoument to Jeppard and Sweet Tooth's journey to somewhere the latter can be safe is still shocking.

I suppose this will soon be compiled into a book called Sweet Tooth: Out of the Deep Woods. If you ever follow my recommendations then you will seek it out. In the meantime, I look forward to what will probably be a rather worrying next run of issues of this great comic.

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