Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Giant squid-like horror behind smiling woman with green-eyed owl

North 40 #5, by Aaron Williams and Fiona Staples

What in the name of Christ is this about? It's the one where loads of people in some hick locality (in the USA, obv.) have either developed amazing powers, turned into monsters, or just developed some kind of weird characteristic*. Or been left unscathed. It is entertaining enough, but it is maybe also a bit incoherent. But the next issue is the last, so it's too late to stop now.

At the back there is a preview of some new series of The Authority, co-written by Grant Morrison. Wow. I probably will not buy this. Apart from not really thinking The Authority are as interesting as everyone else does, I once bought an issue that had "Morrison" on the cover as writer, only to discover that it was written by Norbert Morrison. Ever since then, I've felt like they owe me one. In any case, the story does not look that exciting, apart from what looks like having the Midnighter in action against US forces in Afghanistan.

*one lad finds himself now covered with eyes, but apart from that not obviously transformed into a spawn of Satan

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