Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bat For Lashes "Fur And Gold"

As you know, Bat For Lashes is one of those one person bands. It might be significant, though, that Natasha Khan records as Bat For Lashes rather than under her own name. This record sounds more band-like than it would if it was some lady doing a solo record – it seems a bit less focussed on her voice for one thing. The music generally sounds like well-instrumented art-pop, with loads of harpsichord, hand-claps, piano, and funny backing vocals. The lyrics are a bit odd, somewhat removed from the kind of generic boy-centred fare one associates with lady singers. It seems also devoid of the confessionalism that bedevils so much art today – Ms Bat For Lashes seems to take on roles for her songs rather than just sing about herself, an appealingly non-narcissistic perspective.

This is one record that benefits from my recent reconnection of the proper stereo – its production suits a big amp and speakers of more power than the ones on our kitchen ghetto blaster.

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