Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Beatles "Past Masters Vol. 2"

You may be aware of these Beatle (sic) fellows. Their entire back catalogue has recently been remastered and reissued. This is an unremastered version of Past Masters Vol. 2, acquired by me somewhat cheap.

As you know, the Past Masters albums collect the Beatles tracks that did not make their way onto any of the other albums. Vol. 1 has loads of rubbish early Beatles singles and b-sides, while this is later stuff, starting with 'Day Tripper' and ending with the 'You Know My Name', the somewhat disposable b-side to the single version of 'Let It Be'. You probably know all these songs, so there is not too much to say about them, except that this collection rocks – loads of great tunes, with 'Rain', 'Day Tripper', and ''Revolution' being particular highlights.

It also has 'We Can Work It Out', a Paul McCartney sung tune. It is quite a nice one, but it has rather been poisoned for me by some buskers who sing it all the time in Dublin. They have this incredibly irritating nasal voice they use on the middle bit (sung by John Lennon on the record). I am put in mind of those cockfarmers every time I hear this. Thanks guys.

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