Sunday, November 01, 2009

Cornershop "Judy Sucks A Lemon"

Cornershop are becoming my official favourite band of the 1990s (a decade I still kind of think of us as living in), so I decided to buy this record the moment I saw it. It starts off with a big rocker ('Who Fingered Rock n Roll'), an epic tune featuring sneaky sitar in among all the rock. This is a great tune, a total monster of a track, if it gets released as a single watch it sweep the world (Reader's voice: "What's a single, granddad?").

The album keeps going, not quite in such a rocktastic manner, featuring some of the odd meandering tracks we expect from Cornershop. I think the kind of people who like the Shop will like this.

It includes a cover of 'The Mighty Quinn' – a tune apparently composed by Bob Dylan.

I found myself wondering about the album's title track. Who is this Judy, and is she the same Judy who appears on such Belle & Sebastian tracks as 'Judy and the Dream of Horses' and 'Judy is a Dick Slap'? What do you think?

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