Monday, February 02, 2009

The Cramps "Smell of Female"

My beloved got me this for Christmas. It is a live album by The Cramps, and I gather it is one of their "big" records. On a first couple of listens it does sound great, but it suffers a bit from not having the Cramps song I know on it. I also thought that maybe the kind of heavy fuzz backing you get on Cramps studio records was a bit missing here – you get the Poison Ivy lead guitar, but not so much of the wall of fuzz rhythm guitar. That's only a minor criticism, though.

For all that this does not have the one Cramps song I know on it, it does have a song I remember hearing when the Cramps played Dubllin fifteen or more years ago. That was a memorable occasion, previously covered in the pages of that august publication Frank's APA. "Mark", "Gazelle Boy", "Juggling Joe" and I went to see them and had the most wonderful time. Afterwards we made our way to the Red Parrot, a well-known hostelry conveniently located near to the SFX venue. There we were ushered from the bar into the lounge (lest the bar's habitués kill us), and we enjoyed a lovely drink of some sort before heading into the city centre for a late night concert by Cast. Great days, Gay, great days.

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