Sunday, February 01, 2009

Ananda Shankar "Sa-Ra-Ga Machan"

I got this as a Christmas present for my beloved. You maybe are familiar with that Ananda Shankar album that has 'Jumping Jack Flash' on it – the Rolling Stones classic pscyhed up by the simple expedient of adding sitar. It used to get played a lot at things like the Bowlie Weekender and nightclubs evoking that kind of atmosphere. This Ananda Shankar album seems a bit less novelty and a bit more like the kind of kewl 70s funk music heepsters like. However, the most initially striking tunes are the bonus tracks – Ananda Shankar doing sitar-tastic covers of some Elvis Presley songs 'Teddy Bear' is the unexpected total classic here, though 'His Latest Flame' also storming.

Dublin readers - note that Claddagh have several affordably priced Ananda Shankar CDs available, including this one

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