Friday, February 20, 2009

Further reasons to shun Ryanair discovered

Union-busting airline Ryanair will shortly be allowing passengers to make mobile phone calls from its planes, at a cost of £3 a minute.

"I have no patience with the Luddite approach that says people don't want to use their mobile phones in-flight," [said Ryanair duce Michael O'Leary]. "You don't take a flight to contemplate your life in silence. Our services are not cathedral-like sanctuaries. Anyone who looks like sleeping, we wake them up to sell them things".

"I'm on the plane", commented an unnamed passenger.


Ray said...

I thought that last sentence in the quote was a joke, but no. It's completely accurate, but I'm amazed he said it.

Anonymous said...

Completely agree with Ray! I thought it was an Onion piece. I was further disturbed when I opened up the link and found further shitty excuses: "We will be encouraging our passengers to make as many calls as possible because that will lower our costs and boost our revenues."

Fuckin' hell. I've never taken Ryanair and I don't fancy starting. One maybe positive thing I can think of that takes the edge off is that generally Ryanair flights are for short, inter-European flights, right? It's not like you're gonna board an 8-10 hour international flight with a bunch of twats yapping on their mobiles, correct?

ian said...

Michael O'Leary is an astonishingly repulsive individual. His contempt for Ryanair's customers is never-ending, though in being so awful to them he is treating them in the same way as everyone else he interacts with.

I think he is promising to bring in transatlantic flights, memorably promising that first class would feature "beds and blowjobs".

Ammonite said...

He really is a blast of fetid air.