Monday, January 05, 2009

Los Campesinos: FAIL

My beloved and I went to see a triple header of bands in Whelan's, but because of that venue's new improved suckass early gigs policy (and not our being too slack to get down early) the band we wanted to see had already been on, and the second band were finishing. Even our pal Eoghan who had arrived at the crack of dawn only managed to see the last song of the first band (who had, seemingly, started before the venue opened). That meant there were only Los Campesinos left. My beloved and Eoghan split for the pub, but I stayed in an effort to see if maybe they would turn out to be awesome this time. Who knows, maybe I was just having one of my turns when they underwhelmed me last January?

But no, they're still not up to much. This is kind of a shame, as they have loads of elements that appeal to me – large line-up, funny instruments, attractive ladies, boy-girl vocals, shouting, etc. But it doesn't really come together. Maybe they need some decent songs, I don't know. The high number of total wankers in the crowd didn't help either.

It was therefore not long before I too was drinking a refreshing pint of Guinness in my favourite local hostelry.

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