Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Free Gift To You

Do you want a free CD-R of crazy psych and freakbeat tunes from around the world? Then drop me an e-mail and I will make you a copy. The disc in question is one I compiled for my birthday party, but I think no one heard it there because there was too much talk. I won't post a track listing here, as a lot of the tracks are pretty anonymous. I can tell you that the music is all from the 1960s (unless some from the 1970s sneaked in) and is from a number of countries, including France, East Germany, Thailand, Ethiopia, India, and Cambodia, as well as some better known tracks from the UK, USA, and the Netherlands. The relatively well known tracks are there mainly because this was a compilation to play at a party, not one to show off my collection of amazingly obscure records. However, I think they work well with their less well-known friends. But yeah, it you want a copy, let me know. I think the disc is pretty hot stuff, but then I would.


Justin Mason said...

Yes! can you upload it as mp3s?

William said...

One for me too please!

ian said...

I'll burn ones up for both of you. I don't really do MP3 uploads, so it will have to be an actual disc. We could meet for a midweek pint out in Porterhouse North (is that where you all live?) or something.