Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chic "The Best of The Chic Organization"

I often complain about how there are compilations giving you the best of Chic, but there are no compilations giving you the best of the Chic Organisation (i.e. the peaks of Chic's own music and also the production work they did for other people). But now there is, thanks largely to the miracle of CD-R technology and inernet pal Andrew Sherman. As well as the really big Chic tunes, you also get Sheila B. Devotion*'s 'Spacer', Diana Ross' 'I'm Coming Out', and Sister Sledge's 'We Are Family'. I do kind of miss Diana Ross's 'Upside Down', and feel that the version of 'Lost In Music' included is a slightly ropey dance remix, but getting these songs in digital form has done wonders for my ability to bop down the street grooving to the disco sounds coming from the iPod.

Chic pandas

*I understand that this track is actually credited to Sheila & B. Devotion, but I would rather be wrong than right.

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Andrew Sherman said...

Glad you enjoyed it! Good point about Upside Down. At the time I only had the version from 'all the great hits' but today I bought the Chic mix of Upside Down and it is fab. I find it hard to like Diana but you have to respect her ability.