Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Marnie Stern "In Advance of the Broken Arm"

Another birthday present, this time from "Accent Monkey", and it is a record by someone I had never heard of! Imagine. A first listen revealed this to be an mix of girlie vocals and extremely fiddly sounding music. Research revealed that Marnie Stern is famous as a guitar goddess, which was a bit of a surprise as your correspondent had failed to register that the musical accompaniment was guitar and not some kind of crazy synthesiser thing. Mmmm. Whatever way you look at it, this music is pretty in-your-face, and not really the kind of thing you can have on in the background to while trying to concentrate on something else, and it's not the kind of record you want to listen to with other people, in case they say "So what is this shite?".

I had planned to renew my relationship with Ms Stern while my actual beloved was off in Ethiopia, but wooden block board games intervened.


Ammonite said...

That game looks like just the kind of thing I lose patience with an brain my opponent with (see also: chess).

Who's winning?

ian said...

The game at that point seemed stalemated, but the North won a famous victory in the next game month.