Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Forthcoming Events

Here are some things I am definitely going to. You could come to if you want to be cool like me.

The Fall, 16th March, Crawdaddy

The Fall have been brilliant every time I have seen them. Don't believe the rumours!

Ladytron, 16th May, Tripod

I'm surprised they are playing somewhere so big, as I always assumed from my friends' dislike of them that no one here likes the Tron's electropop goodness. But then my friends are often not exactly in tune with what the kids are into these days.

One thing I might go to:

Love Is All, 1st March, The Button Factory

OK so I only know one song by Love Is All, but it is G*R*A*T*E in a frenetic sax driven shouty vocals kind of way. The problem with this, though, is that they are actually playing support to some other Swedish band who, from photos, look like a bunch of lovely ladies. I've nothing against attractive women, but I don't know if I could face a gig by the Swedish Fluffy. On the other hand, attractiveness and the associations this condition generates seems to be a particular curse of the Swedes and may have no negative connotations for their music. Nevertheless, I can see myself staying at home this night unless I am strongly persuaded otherwise, which is unlikely.

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Trish Byrne said...

I very much wanted to go to Ladytron, but it seems I will be at ATP that weekend, so I can't.

Justin Mason said...

see you at the 'Tron -- I love 'em!

Anonymous said...

That's too bad that Love is All are opening for Sahara Hotnights, who I always thought were more like the Donnas then Fluffy (ha!). A lot of people would say that was no bad thing, though.

If the tickets are cheap, you could leave before Sahara Hotnights come on. I don't think Love is All tour that much!

ian said...

so tonight it looks like I will be going to Andy Votel and Chris Geddes djing. Sahara Hotnights and Love Is All will have to look after themselves.