Thursday, February 28, 2008

Clever Dog Does Tricks

At coffee break some of my colleagues were venturing into somewhat unsavoury territory (about how people from certain countries are taking over Ireland and playing the race card whenever their sinister endeavours are challenged etc.). I managed to save the day by recounting a story heard on the radio news, about a good dog who saved its owner's life by realising he had gone into a diabetic coma and barking furiously (the wife thought he had just fallen asleep). The owner is now out of hospital, but the dog (a Cavalier King Charles) keeps licking his hands and ankles to check his blood sugar levels.

Sadly, this important news story seems to exist only in the what-the-papers-say section of the radio news. I will therefore have to leave you with the enclosed picture of another Cavalier King Charles. This one is called Cindy, and the BBC reports that she has been astonishing her owners and neighbours by her ability to lie on her back and balance objects on all four paws simultanaeously.

Would you like to know more? Dog's tricks are 'better than TV'

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Anonymous said...

This story would be better if the dog was balancing four pandas on its paws. But you can't have everything.