Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Nightmare Before Christmas 2007, Saturday: ONEIDA

(Pavillion (sic) Stage)

The first band we saw on this day were called Oneida. They play a lot of songs by Oneida. They have this kind of boffiny stoner nerd thing going. They like to rock out. When one of them says something like "OK, next up we're going to play a song by Oneida. It's called 'People of the North'" then one of the others will say "Hey, I love that one!". Crazy guys.

When we came in they were playing this completely mental tune that seemed to go on forever and consisted of the same droney chord being played over and over and over. Everyone thought they were crazy, but the kids loved it. The song was called 'Sheets of Easter', something I discovered later when talking to Mr Oneida when he was staffing their merchandise stall. "It's a song by Oneida called 'Sheets of Easter'", he said. "It's on the album Each One Teach One. By Oneida".

So yeah, Oneida, nerds who rock. Live the dream.

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