Sunday, September 30, 2007

I Can Has Bike

Emboldened by my recent trip to Amsterdam, I have taken to sitting in my window in my kecks inviting passers by to pay me for sexual favours. Or maybe I have in fact transformed Carwash Mansions into a place where the finest relaxing herbs are always available for a price.

I'm joking of course. What I have actually done is BUY A BIKE. My new bike is built like a tank, has only three gears (how many do you need?), and has a basket. I will soon be the talk of the town.

My hope is that my cycling adventures are less dramatic than those experienced by the one who calls himself Chocolate Socialist.


Chinn said...

wear a helmet - rock on!

Ian Moore said...

NO WAI! Helmets are for people who have accidents.

Anonymous said...

I've had varying degrees of speeds over the years - 'no speed' cruiser, 3-speed vintage, and currently 8-speed nice new bike. I like 8 speeds, and use about 5 or 6 of them. Not that Chicago has any hills, it's mainly the wind I need 'em for! Makes cycling so much easier.

kvlol said...

flossyla otm. An ex-raver like yourself will at least have no problems getting his hands on a hi-viz vest