Sunday, September 30, 2007

CSS "Cansei de Ser Sexy"

My middle name is Adonis, so I am entitled to throw stones from my glass house, so one thing that strikes me about this band is that, for people who go on about being sexy all the time, they really are a bunch of munters. Apart from the gay bloke, obviously. But of course, it may be that I have not seen the right photos, and in any case I don't buy records for the attractiveness of those who make them (as my numerous Pink Floyd albums will attest). These Brazilian sensations may not have the looks, but they really make the sounds – if the kind of sounds you like are utterly infectious synth pop confections. I think most people say that most of the songs are not as good as 'Let's make love and listen to Death From Above', and they're right, but the rest of the album is still very enjoyable when you listen to it all at once.


Andrew Farrell said...

You are, and I saw this with great respect, a mentalist. I could happily spend the rest of eternity licking things off the bassist alone, never mind the rest of them (including LoveFoxxx!)

flossyla said...

indeed lovefoxx is very sexy. i saw them live and she has excellent hair.

ian said...

Whereas I have not seen them live, and am going merely on the pictures that come with the album, where they exhibit (at best) a certain jailbait allure.