Saturday, September 08, 2007

Wedding of Rock

I was at this wedding recently (by which I mean ages ago), and it was that of a golden couple I shall refer to as Emily and Niall. This was a somewhat louche and casual wedding of the modern type, with the focus on non-stop fun. They had a DJ who was playing total classics of 1980s miserabilism when we arrived. Over the night he became a lot more rock oriented (Emily and Niall are keen attendees of the ROCK JIHAD club). My dancefloor research yielded a number of tentative conclusions:

1. A lot of rock music is not quite so good for the dancing as you might think, partly because it goes on a bit, partly because the beats are just a bit boring.

2. The intro bit to 'Freebird' is so lame and drawn-out that basically CDs should figure the song as two tracks: 'Freebird (shite intro)' and 'Freebird (solo)'. In the meantime, people should just play 'Sweet Home Alabama' instead.

3. You really can't beat Boney M classics as floor fillers. While charging to the dance floor to get down to 'Rasputin', I heard Paul Watts say something about my ironic approach to music. I did not have time to reply that my love of the M is entirely genuine and un-ironic, and that there will always be sincere affection in my heart for tracks like 'Rasputin', 'Daddy Cool', and 'Ma Baker'. One of the great things about Boney M tracks is that you can do the Lizard King when the talky bits come up.

4. People still seem to really like Jane's Addiction's 'Been Caught Stealing'. I suppose it is a pretty good song, and it has a good beat, but in retrospect Jane's Addiction were plainly not much cop at all, taking this song's cred down with them.

I should have more things to say about this event. Non-musically, I was astonished at all the people I knew here. Although I know that Emily and Niall know many people that I know, I didn't know which people they knew, and was very surprised by some of the people who were present. Like old pal Tony Wall, for instance (who revealed himself to have been a classmate of Emily's at one stage). Crazy world.


Andrew Farrell said...

What was wrong with Jane's Addiction as a band, apart from they made good music (okay, as coincidentally discussed late last night, the may not have made any other good music)?

Ian Moore said...

Basically, there was all this shite about how they were incredibly innovative and how they were reconstructing music, when in fact they were just serving up tired old cock rock to indie kids.