Friday, November 03, 2006

Overhearing things, my new hobby

I also recently overheard A FAIRLY FAMOUS ACTRESS WHO WAS IN AT LEAST ONE FILM/TV SERIES YOU HAVE SEEN talking to some guy (director, other actor?) in a café about something they were filming in Dublin. She is playing one of the more exciting roles from a popular fictional series of books, making me somewhat excited about the whole thing except that it is being done for TV.


Trish Byrne said...

This coyness does not become you. Can you at least give us clues? It could be important.

PS Will you at least consider signing up to Blogger Beta, so I don't have to rewrite all my comments? It's better, honest it is. More stable and easier to upload photos and the like.

ian said...

On Blogger Beta - basically, no sign up from me. My suspicion is that like all advances it is not designed for people in dial-up land and will make Blogger as slow to access as Typepad. If anyone can point me to a list of flash new Blogger Beta features that will make me gagging for an upgrade, post the link.

ian said...

On the lady actor, I will not post her name here. Basically, you have seen her on the small or large screen if you are at least one of the following:

1. a nerd
2. a perv
3. someone who watches every big TV series as soon as it comes out.

Trish Byrne said...

Ah right, I forgot you don't have broadband. Never mind then. I don't think it's any slower to access, but I don't have any proof of this.

I still cannot guess the identity of the mystery woman of whom you speak. I R UESLESS.

Wood said...

It's Billie, then.