Sunday, November 05, 2006

That's just mad

What's the wierdest thing you have ever done? In retrospect, for me the answer has to be going on holidays to the West Bank last summer. Lots of people go to the West Bank for entirely sensible reasons - business, work with NGOs or international organisations, or to stand in front of bull-dozers - but I went there for a holiday. I did take the easy option and spent most of my time in East Jerusalem, but it was still a rather odd thing to do. One of the reasons why I started this blog was to write about, and I still have not got round to doing that, but I will.

In other news, dissident Israeli intellectual Tanya Reinhart is launching a book in the Irish Writer's Centre on the 8th November. Reinhart is a leading advocate of the boycott of Israeli academia and an engaging speaker. The poet Aharon Shabtai will also be reading some of his work, hopefully in a language I can understand (that's assuming I go, of course).

Meanwhile, that TrĂ³caire guy is back in Palestine.

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