Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Masked Man on Armoured Car

Commando: The Phantom's Revenge, by Norman Adams and Keith Page

You know Commando, the British library title for somewhat unreconstructed war comics. This one suggests that they are maybe running out of ideas for straight war titles, as it sees the Nazis squaring up against a mysterious caped and masked figure who undermines their occupation of Paris – Fantomas joins the resistance. Only the Phantom is actually a disaffected German officer in disguise! Sacre Bleu.

This is not great. The deviation from the more undemanding up-and-at-'em storyline does rather expose the limitations of the Commando writers, while the art does not capture the vaguely expressionist effects (shadows, rooftops, sewers, capes, etc.) that it is aiming for.

Maybe I should leave Commando comics alone. It is not clear to me who they are aimed at now. Everything seems a bit too basic for serious comics readers, but I would not have thought there was still enough of a kids' audience for comics to keep them in business. Any ideas?

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