Sunday, September 12, 2010

Indietracks 2010: Executive Summary

I will in due course talk about the Indietracks festival at great length. In the meantime, here are thumbnail comments on the bands I saw. If you are pressed for time, just read this and skip what comes later.

Veronica Falls: Doomy faux Goth, enjoyable.
Allo Darlin': Great name ruined by Bangles cover.
Everybody Was In The French Resistance… Now!: Look at them, they've got a side project; band of the festival.
The Hillfields: did not play 'Master of the Universe'.
Red Shoe Diaries: Weezer influence, run away.
Linda Guilala: Preprogrammed.
[REDACTED]: Whiny, insipid.
The Callas: Greek sunglasses art rock.
Betty And The Werewolves: shared taxi.
The Just Joans: Enjoyable Scottish miserabilism.
The Smittens: How can anyone be this perky without drøgs?
Cineplexxx: Snappy dresser, appealing folk-tinged iberophone sounds.
White Town: No platform for Fascists.
Ballboy: I remain unassimilated.
Tendertrap: Heard one, heard 'em all?
The Primitives: I wish they would stop killing me.
M.J. Hibbett: needs more self-awareness.
The Specific Heats: need to be saved from indiepop.
The Loves: "It's like T-Rex out there".
Internet Forever: Moustaches, Dire Straits Cover
Standard Fare: Anything but as run of the mill as their name suggests; possibly the best guitar band of the festival.
Secret Shine: Reformed Sarah shoegaze sensations.
Shrag: Star quality.
Slow Club: I liked them; they were funny and musically interesting.
The Pooh Sticks: E=MC5.
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart: The indiepop Manowar.

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I really hope 'whiny and insipid' does not refer to The Felt Tips!

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I cannot play 20 questions here, but I can see that it was not them.