Friday, April 02, 2010


Right now I am in Cuba doing exciting things / being hassled by jiniteros. But here is a post I made earlier:

Who are these fellows? Why – they are jazzers! We saw them playing at the Sunday night jazz thing in J.J. Smyths. I cannot say too much about them – partly because it is a good while since I saw them, but partly because there is not too much to say about them once you point out that 1. they are jazzers and 2. they give good jazz. So that's about it really. What's that, you'd like to know what instruments they play and have some idea of how they go about playing them? Well get you.

One thing I particularly liked about Mantrum was their ability to play both straight down the line tuneful jazz and the more crazily avant-garde stuff – it's not often you hear both in the one concert. The parptastic version of 'Nobody Does It Better' made for a lovely end to their performance.

An inuit panda production

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