Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Ex and Brass Unbound, with Zun Zun Egui

Zun Zun Egui are a funny lot, playing music that sounded rather afro-beat influenced. I liked them enough to buy two singles by them which one day I will listen to properly.

The Ex were playing with Brass Unbound, who are some guys playing brass instruments. And they were playing with their new singer! Total excitement, even if I missed the old fellow. The new lad seemed like amiable. He was endearingly unapologetic about being the band's new lead singer while at the same time not acting like he thought The Ex were his backing band. And at least some of the time he seemed to be just singing almost exactly in the style of the old guy. The brassy lads added a whole other element of fun to the proceedings, and The Ex's drummer did her usual bit of singing that was just enough to have people wishing she would sing more.

An inuit panda production

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