Monday, August 13, 2007


I went to a concert by well-known Japanese band Ghost, but I will start by talking about the first support band, who were called Seadog. Or maybe Sea Dog. They were a bunch of young lads in sailor suits who played music that was like an odd mix of pretentious out-rock and Thin Lizzy. The latter element came from their twin lead guitar onslaught and distinctly Lizzy-esque guitar lines. I thought they were great crack and would love to see them again.

The next support band were Betamax Format. Or maybe they were called Betamax, as their singer suggested they have renamed themselves. They had funny haircuts, particularly the main guy, whose elegant coiffure looked like you could take it on and off like a hat. Someone told me they are kind of trendy, but I thought they were a bit meh.

As indeed I thought Ghost. OK, so I have heard what Scott has to say about these alleged sensations, but I had to go and find out for myself. They are somewhat uninspiring, for all that you have to admire their stage presence and musicianship etc. (I also heard from one of the ladies present that they are all good looking fellows, particularly the astonishingly tall Mr Ghost, but I would not know anything about that, being 100% heterosexual). I don't know, maybe my palette has been over exposed to wig-out guitary weirdo music that new examples of the genre do not excite any more, or maybe Ghost are just a bit tame (as weirdo music goes).

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