Thursday, May 24, 2007

Taste sensation

I had a hummus and spicy potato sandwich for lunch today, in a newly opened restaurant called Byblos (essentially a cut price bit of The Cedar Tree). It was very nice. Now I want to find someone who will come and share vegetarian mezze with me some lunchtime.

EDIT: the restaurant is at 11 Andrews Street. The Cedar Tree is their fancy restaurant down in the basement, Byblos is the one upstairs, in what used to be Al's in the picture below. The decor inside is nice too - tiley pictures of the columns at Baalbek, the Cedars, and Deir al-Qamar (and not, as previously advised, the Byblos Fishing Club). They play Lebanese pop music at you while you are in there - RoXoR. I think I might be heading there for mezze in an hour or two.


Ammonite said...

I will! Oh damn, I'm in Canada.

fdasv - Hungarian for 'mildew'

Andrew Sherman said...

Me too, pity I'm in cyazyxo, a small province of Slovakia

Chinn said...

o where is it - i can't do lunch but i do want to go somewhere with tasty dinner food

ian said...

It is on a street whose name I do not know. Andrews Street? if you follow Clarendon Street north across Wicklow street, that's the one. It's near the Lazer DVD.

UVTJZFPR, a little used electoral system somewhat popular in some countries of the former Soviet Union.

Anonymous said...

Have just been there for lunch - a mountain of food for 8.50 - quite tasty too - very good value by Dublin standards