Saturday, May 05, 2007

Real burgers. Real fresh

I don't know if I am getting old, but I have started being really annoyed by the fatuous slogans by parties and candidates in this year's election.


Trish Byrne said...

The overall simplicity of every aspect of this election is annoying me. Any attempt to say anything serious has been drowned out by "we'll cut stamp duty and give everyone a free puppy!" "oh yeah? Well, we'll raise pensions and send everyone on holidays!"

Maybe, as you say, it has always been like this and it's only now starting to get on our nerves.

Chinn said...

the sinners one is pretty terrible. i blame blair(why not?)

also a friend of mine sustained injury when she cycled over a fallen election poster the other day!

and one independant saying mandatory minimum 10yr sentences for all drug dealers...bah
(btw this is Emma K... Donal O Carrols other half )

Kealo said...

The former Dublin goalkeeper, John O'Leary, is running for Fianna Fáil in my constitency. Predictably, his slogan is "Dublin North in safe hands". Tosser.

Meath footballer Graham Geraghty is standing for Fine Gael in Meath West. I imagine his slogan would be: "What Meath needs is more racist twats like me".

ian said...

I am amazed that Google retrieves nothing but Inuit Bikini Scarlet Carwash or things feeding from it if you search for "Real Burgers - Real Fresh".