Sunday, October 01, 2006

Dublin Theatre Festival

So what are you going to? I'm off to see Orestes tonight, this being a performance by some British troupe of the play by Euripides. This is set after Orestes and his sister Elektra have murdered their mother to avenge their father's mother at her hands. Deadly stuff. Next week we're off to see La TempĂȘte (Canadians perform an adaptation of Forbidden Planet in that crazy foreign language of theirs) and The Vacationers (Omsk state drama company perform some play by Maxim Gorky). After that we'll be off to Emilia Galotti (famous German play) and Rattledanddisapeared (loose adaptation by Hungarians of Kafka's The Trial). So, only one thing in English! I am so cosmopolitan.

I am not going to Came So Far For Beauty.


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Anonymous said...

Best so far has undoubtedly been La TempĂȘte, proving that all good theatre ended with the Bard.

The Vacationers would have been good if they hadn't allowed Norbert to do the surtitles.