Saturday, June 18, 2011

Clever Parrots Cooperate

Scientists have discovered that parrots know how to cooperate to solve problems. Furthermore, the colourful and talkative birds seem to have distinct personalities when it comes to cooperation. In tests with three parrots called Shango, Zoe, and Leo, they discovered that some parrots are more cooperative than others. Shango seems to be a bit of a selfish bird, in that he just is not that interested in working with others, even if this would mean a greater gain for himself. Leo, meanwhile, seems to be a friendly fellow and is always on for a bit of cooperation, regardless of who it is with. Zoe seems not to like grouchy Shango, but she is always keen to cooperate with Leo – they were apparently reared together and know each other well.

The picture is of Leo and Zoe.


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