Monday, May 30, 2011

Little Cat's Big Journey

Five years ago, Pinks the cat (named after his pink nose) went missing from his home in Glasgow. As the time wore on, his owners came to the sad conclusion that they would never see him again.

In recent weeks, however, an apparently stray cat had started lurking in the vicinity of McAllister's Recovery in Aldershot, a vehicle rescue and recovery business. The collarless cat was seen to catch a mouse and had been scrounging food from McAllister's human staff. Eventually one of them took the cat (whom they had named Betty) to a vet, who was able to identify him as Pinks from his microchip. The Glaswegian cat had somehow travelled 400 miles.

Pinks, now 11 years old, is due to be picked up by his ecstatic owners in the next few days. Staff of McAllsiter's report that they will miss their little feline friend.


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