Friday, May 15, 2009

Comics Roundup 15/5/2009

Madame Xanadu #10, Matt Wagner, Amy Reeder Hadley, & Richard Friend

You know what, this title is not very good. Its pacing is all off. Starting from the dawn of time, it has taken only ten issues to get up to (more or less) the present day – surely it would have been better to either just start in the present day and do the olde stuff in flashback, or else make the stories in the past much more drawn out? I will accept that it has nice art (and nicely drawn art where the main character is a doe-eyed lady magician will always have a certain appeal), but I do not intend to ever buy another issue of this, and may well give away all my back issues. They are also changing the artist from next issue, so feh.

The New Mutants Saga

This is one of those shite free comics that Marvel have been doing to explain the back-story of one of their big titles or characters, in the process drawing attention to just how stupid trying to run all that kind of nonsensical continuity together is.

Seaguy: Slaves of Mickey Eye #1, by Grant Morrison & Cameron Stewart

So Seaguy is this guy in a wetsuit who is like the last hero left in the world, only there is no room for heroes any more. Mickey Eye, meanwhile, is this sinister eye shaped fellow who appears in cartoons and has themeparks full of miserable people.

Lots of people find Seaguy incomprehensible. They are fools! I also think that Morrison was only able to get away with the title because Americans do not realise that "mickey" is a slang term for a man's instrument.


rener said...

I find Seaguy pretty incomprehensible, but surely that's what's so great about it.

ian said...

I find it very easy to understand.