Sunday, June 04, 2006

iPod Top Ten (as of 4/5/2006)

I've done this previously. Then my iPod crashed and I got a new computer. Now I am doing it again.

1. Philip Glass & The Kronos Quartet ‘Journey to Inn’ (from Glass: Dracula) – 7 times (last played 19/4/2006)

2. A-Musik ‘Aktuelle Kamera’ (from Das Beste Aus Der DDR) – 7 times (last played 29/3/2006)

3. Electrelane ‘The Partisan’ (from Axes) – 6 times (last played 15/4/2006)

4. M.I.A. ‘Pull Up The People’ (from Arular) – 6 times (last played 3/5/2006)

5. Popol Vuh ‘Aguirre I (Lacrime Di Rei)’ (from Aguirre (orig. soundtrack)) – 6 times (last played 19/4/2006)

6. Joe Meek ‘I Hear A New World (I hear a new world (I head a new world))’ (from I Hear A New World) – 5 times (last played 4/5/2006)

7. The Doors ‘Break On Through’ (from the untitled first album by The Doors) – 5 times (last played 4/5/2006)

8. Oktoberklub ‘Sag Mir Wo Du Stehst’ (from Das Beste aus der DDR) – 5 times (last played 29/4/2006)

9. Tangerine Dream ‘Birth Of Liquid Pleijades’ (from Zeit) – 5 times (last played 22/4/2006)

10. Electrelane ‘One, Two, Three, Lots’ (from Axes) – 5 times (last played 18/4/2006)

11. Oktoberklub ‘Sag Mir Wo Du Stehst’ (from Das Beste von Oktoberklub) – 5 times (last played 15/4/2006)

12. Electrelane ‘Atom’s Tomb’ (from Axes) – 5 times (last played 13/4/2006)

13. Electrelane ‘Gone Darker’ (from Axes) – 5 times (last played 8/4/2006)

So what can we say about this? Obviously, I have been feeling the Electrelane love since I got Axes. Poor Oktoberklub suffer from having their song on two different albums. I typically listen to DDR music while on my way to German class, hence the frequent appearance to this folk-pop masterpiece. ‘Aktuelle Kamera’ is more the introduction to the East German news than actual music, and shows up here for similar reasons. M.I.A. is both brilliant and favoured by randomness, and the Glass, Popul Vuh, and Tangerine Dream tracks are there as soundtracks to scary roleplaying games. The one big surprise has to be the Doors track… not that it is anything other than brilliant, I’m just surprised I’ve listened to it so much. I think it must be having it on the same playlist of my favourite tunes that the Joe Meek track is on that does it, yes yes.

It's interesting to see the East German news music and 'Sag Mir Wo Du Stehst' have stormed back into the charts, while others have dropped out. Much of this is down to my not having ripped all the same stuff onto the new computer (or copied over the stuff from the old one). Time will tell whether Shakira reclaims her rightful place.

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