Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas roundup

Today is Christmas day. My understanding is that there are no civilian flights through Irish airspace on Christmas day, so what were those high-flying aircraft I saw go by? More bomb fodder for Iraq, or more prisoners for the torture camps of the secret gulag?

Bros were on TOTP2 on Xmo eve. In retrospect they are even shiter than I can remember. They are completely devoid of any musiciany or vocal talent. The songs (written for them) are lameness incarnated. They look like members of the Aryan Thrust, with suspicious crotch enhancements. And instead of dancing they jerk spasmodically, like dead chickens with the gush. Their presence in the dustbin of history suggests that the human project is leading to actual progress, yet it is odd to think that there were people once who liked their music and found them sexually attractive.

I am struggling to think of any non-rubbish secular Christmas tunes.

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Andrew Farrell said...

Bros are, in fairness, amongst the top ten groups ever.

ian said...

You are teh funny.

Andrew Farrell said...

I may have been exaggerating for comedy effect, but I do remember them quite fondly, and would definitely pick up a best-of, if it had "When Will I Be Famous" "Drop The Boy" and "Cat Among The Pigeons" on it. (except I suspect those are on their one album, making a best-of unlikely)

Secular Christmas tunes = "Last Christmas" (particularly since it was originally "Last Easter", according to, er, Wikipedia), "Fairytale of New York"

ian said...

even as you sow, so shall you reap.

Anonymous said...

Any song that starts 'You've read Karl Marx, you've taught yourself to dance, you should go far ...' is a winner.

ian said...

But is the line not reactionary? The idea seems to be that the person has read Karl Marx, but now they have turned their back on such stodgy pursuits and have learned to dance, suggesting that dancing and Marxism are incompatible.