Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Selfish Chimp

Latest research shows that Chimpanzees are gratuitoulsy unfriendly, always keen not to help their fellows even at no loss to themselves. I wonder, though, is this the shagger chimps I've heard about, who are meant to be incredibly friendly, or the less pleasant war chimp subspecies?


Queenie said...

Warlike ones, I believe.

Although it could be the bonobos too. But definitely I read somewhere that the warlike ones were unfriendly little buggers. As opposed to just little buggers. Which is what the bonobos are.

I'll stop now.

mylescorcoran said...

It's the pan troglodytes lot. I think the bonobos are the sub-species and not the other way round.

Bonobos: they're lovers, not fighters.

I also love those of our species who agitate for us to be identifies as pan sapiens, given our obvious membership of the chimpanzee group.