Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Irish Smiths?

Right kids, you know the score. No music stuff appears here until it has first been printed in Frank's APA. Here are some amazing gig reviews you can look forward to reading in the future:

- The Jimmycake playing with Damo Suzuki (like, on the same stage, together, at once)

- Pere Ubu (or the David Fucking Thomas Pere Ubu Experience as it seemed to be in practice)

- a concert in Whelans by the reformed Toasted Heretic

The great annoying thing about the last concert was this. Normally with gigs in Whelans, the main band comes on around 10.00. But tonight there was some suckass student disco on there, which meant TH came on at 9.00... so when I arrived at 10.00 their set was nearly over.

Toasted Heretic have a website here: Toasted Heretic.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Jimmy!

Anonymous said...

Furthermore, I would like to assert that I am a real person, and that I making these comments of my own free will, and am not doing so under any kind of compunction.

Anonymous said...

In fairness, the nice man in Whelans did let us in to the Toasted Heretic gig half-price.

Personally, I'm looking forward to the Cactus World News reunion tour.

ian said...

Thanks for your comments, Rener!