Tuesday, August 03, 2010

A Trip Through London – Part 2

On saturday evening, we made our way into the West End to see Enron, wunderkind Lucy Prebble's play about the collapse of that once-great company. This is an amazing piece of theatre that manages to both be really informative while being astonishingly playful and theatrical. So like when one of the Enron bigwigs sets off a load of shell companies to hide the corporation's debt, they are thereafter portrayed as men in suits with dinosaur heads who must be cosseted and placated. The characters in the play also keep breaking into song. Winner. If you live in London, seriously, go and see this, but do not be like the people sitting behind us who kept eating sweets and explaining the plot to each other.

Enron did move to Broadway, but it tanked there. I keep wondering why. One feature of the play is a lot of ironic "Go America!" stuff, which may not play so well with the Shermans. I have also heard it suggested that New York theatre-goers are less adventurous than those of London. I have furthermore heard it suggested that our American friends do not see making loads of money as being fundamentally vulgar. But of course it could just have been a duff production that played in New York. What do you think?

On the Sunday we went walking around looking at Nicholas Hawksmoor churches with our old pal Mr H---, and visited two pubs.

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Go America!