Saturday, November 19, 2005

White Light / White Heat

I have been listening to the Velvet Underground a lot lately. In the past, whenever I thought of or listened to the Velvets, these comments of a Sinister subber would come to mind:

[copyrighted material deleted]

For more, see here. This is now somewhat ironic, as I am hoping to write about the Velvet Underground for my work magazine.

Sadly, this is what I now think of whenever I hear the Velvets.

edit (26/5/2011) - now with working links


ian said...

I was originally going to post Amy Longcore's comments on this thread, but then I read on the Sinister archive that reproducing stuff from there is bad as it is all copyrighted etc. etc. so I posted a link instead.

Then the Sinister archive went down, forever. So if I had posted Amy's comments then a little part of her would have lived forever (or as long as Google), but now she is just two broken links.

Danny said...

Sinister came back, if that means anything.

ian said...

Cheers, I have updated links accordingly.

I hope you are well.