Monday, September 26, 2005

Finnish booty

I notice these blog things seem to sort by date in ascending rather than descending order. I bought these CDs at the Subcurrents concerts I discuss below. Reading the discussion of the concert might assist you with analysis of the records.

Kemialliset Ystavat "Alkuharka": More striking on record than live, perhaps, but this might be because I'm usually less tired when I listen to it.

Avarus "Jattilaisrotta": Not unlike their live performance... no vocals bar strange primal yelps, and music that lopes along in a manner unconnected with classical songwriting.

Islaja "Meritie": A solo record by the yellow dress woman, whose own music seems to lean towards the world of nice but strange vocals with sparse acoustic accompaniment.

v/a "Sleep Tight, no. 2 Under A Blanket Of Psych": I made the beloved buy this, because it has a track by Fursaxa, whom I wuv, on it. It is a compilation of stuff from people who make that kind of music. Amusingly, the track by Ms Fursaxa seems to be the same one I heard her perform at ATP last year. Or maybe she only has one song.

Rauhan Orkesterj "Hyppi Tunti" 7" : Haven't listened to this yet. I mean, come on - I only bought it five months ago.

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